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Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional Consultations

As a chiropractic office, we understand the integral role that nutritional wellness plays in  maintaining optimal joint and muscular health, as well as promoting a well-functioning nervous system. Our commitment to holistic care extends beyond spinal care to encompass clinical consultations tailored to each patient's unique nutritional needs. Dr. Chip Shemansky will craft personalized nutritional protocals by considering medical diagnoses, lab results, and insights from additional referrals. By presenting patients with specific nutritional and supplemental interventions tailored to their health goals, we empower them to take control of their well-being in a way that is relatable,understandable, and actionable. It's about more than just prescribing a diet-it's about equipping our patients with the tools they need to thrive.

Why having an experienced guide matters..

Having a doctor with the expertise in the subject to guide you through your nutritional journey is paramount. Most people seeking nutritional consultations, encounter the daunting task of finding a program that suits their individual needs.

Our 4-step process ensures a thorough undertsanding of your health status, dietary habits, and specific goals. By evaluating, simplifying, explaining, and implementing the dietary plan, we empower you with knowledge and confidence to make informed choices that support your overall health and well-being.

Evaluation:During your clinical nutritional consultation, we'll start by getting to know you and your health history. We'll discuss your current health status, dietary habits, and any specific goals you have in mind.  We'll also look at factors like existing medical conditions, nutritional gaps, and medications that you are taking.

Simplification: Next, we'll break down all this information into simple, understandable insights. We'll identify areas where small dietary changes, or an addition of nutritional supplements can make a big difference. We want you to feel confident in understanding why certain changes are being recommended and how they can benefit your health.

Explanation: Now, we'll dive deeper into why these dietary changes matter. Dr. Shemansky will break down why nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting your overall health, managing any health conditions you might have, and keeping your body functioning at its best. Dr. Shemansky will answer any questions you may have and make sure you feel informed and empowered.

Implementation: This stage is where we strategize together, providing you with a clear roadmap to integrate the recommended nutritional adjustments into your daily routine. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that you feel supported and confident in making sustainable changes that promote your overall health and well-being.


Why first hand experience is invaluable..

First hand experience is invaluable when assisting patients, as it provides a unique insight into the effictiveness of treatments and interventions. Dr. Shemansky's personal journey, particularly witnessing his wife's battle with Crohn's Disease, underscores the profound impact that nutrition changes and dietary supplements can have on improving quality of life. Through this experience, Dr. Shemansky has gained a deeper understanding of the importance of individualized care and the power of integrating holistic approaches into patient treatment plans. His firsthand knowledge, not only informs but serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for his patients on their own health journeys.


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