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About Chip Shemansky, DC

Chip Shemansky, DC
Chip Shemansky, DC

Dr. Shemansky has accumulated a wealth of diverse work experiences and accomplishments throughout his life. His remarkable journey originated in Vietnam, where he was the youngest of ten children. His parents owned a local jewelry store, and he grew up in a region that is known for its fertile land and Dragon fruit production. His life took a significant turn after the Vietnam war when he was adopted at the age of 7. This marked the beginning of his life in Pekin, Illinois. Both of his adoptive parents were teachers, and his father has been coaching football at the local high school for 40 plus years.

At the age of 16, a shoulder injury sustained while playing sports led him to visit a local chiropractor. Experiencing the remarkable effects of chiropractic care firsthand was the driving force behind his passion and pursuit of the field. After receiving his Bachelor of Science at the College of Saint Francis in Joliet, Illinois, he then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. Located in Davenport, Iowa, it’s the nation's premier institution and is renowned for producing some of the best chiropractors in the nation. Palmer is also the birthplace of Chiropractic. Dr. Shemansky honed his skills and knowledge under the tutelage of field experts, research and focused heavily on sports injuries, posture restoration, and anti-aging, along with evidence-based approaches to vitamins and supplementation.

In addition to his expert training and education in the chiropractic profession, Dr. Shemansky also had a remarkable journey as a powerlifting world record holder during his teenage years. He is still training hard and is a firm believer that age should not limit or define your capabilities in and out of the gym. His personal experience in sports and powerlifting instilled in him invaluable qualities like patience, dedication, and a strong work ethic; all of which he carries with him to this day in his chiropractic practice.

Outside his profession, Dr. Shemansky’s passions extend to spending quality time with his wife Amber, and son Preston. Dr. Shemansky loves to cook for his family and friends and is known for his honey glazed Chilean sea bass. He enjoys spending time on the water, exploring the beauty and abundance of the “Paradise Coast” region. 

Dr. Shemansky's ProtocOls

Dr. Shemansky has devised a comprehensive approach to tackling various health concerns, emphasizing three primary components: Spinal and Joint Health, Nutritional wellness, and Physical and Mental Longevity. By acknowledging the intricate connection between these facets and their role in inflammation regulation, Dr. Shemansky’s protocols aim to address the root cause of acute and chronic health conditions while simultaneously boosting your immune system through gut health and microbiome optimization. This approach encompasses conditions ranging from rotator cuff tears to sciatica, alongside specialized supplementation protocols and gut restoration techniques.
Dr. Shemansky’s favorite quote: “Injuries are not random occurrences, and neither is your ability to heal.”
Loss of mobility in your spine and imbalances in your neuromuscular system will inevitably lead to poor posture, chronic inflammation, and pain pattern, causing premature arthritic changes in your joints. These physiological stressors will compromise the health of your nervous system.
Chiropractic is a vital piece of the puzzle for the restoration of spinal misalignment and subsequent optimal health of your nervous system. Dr. Shemansky also utilizes advanced physician assisted stretches and myofascial & trigger point release to address many aspects of physiological dysfunctions. These are the missing links that are often limitations to optimal healing. He also advises patients on at home physical therapy and weight training, allowing comprehensive corrections – you will be transformed…
The outcomes have been truly remarkable. Patients who have been in chronic pain have been able to resume normal activities and regain much needed performance in their athletic endeavors such as golf, tennis, and pickleball. Imagine a way to improve range of motion, symmetry, posture, and lean muscle mass, all while doing it in a healthy and functional way that keeps you pain free!