Most of us have a basic idea of general stretching. We remember it from our younger years in school touching our toes, reaching for the stars, and back twisting routines we all had to do in PE and school sports. However, when we get older and start dealing with limitations, basic stretching might not seem possible. Or we might need advanced work for specific injuries and conditions that need extra help. Active assisted stretching provides a guided approach with the care of a medical expert, allowing the patient to stretch a particular area or muscle set to enhance its healing.

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Active Assisted Stretching, also known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, is what it sounds like. Someone, in this case, the chiropractor, will assist you through the stretch, while you remain passive. Unlike static stretching, the benefits of active assisted stretching will last significantly longer.

There are two main types of assisted active stretching. In the first type, autogenic inhibition occurs. This means the muscle you are stretching contracts. In the second type, reciprocal inhibition occurs. This means the opposing muscle contracts. Both types of active assisted stretching create a reflex reaction from the nervous system which allows the muscle to lengthen without tearing, increasing flexibility and reducing risk of injury.

Gulfshore Chiropractic Clinic has an extensive program for active assisted stretching for patients entirely applied by staff with the patient. The program can work with all sorts of conditions and limitations, helping patients achieve more flexibility as well as improve healing capability for injured muscles and ligaments. The approach isn’t applicable to everyone, but it can help tremendously with physical therapy and rehabilitation needs